Playing With Scissors

Cutting your toddler’s hair: not for the faint of heart. You’ll want to pick a time of day where your toddler will be in a good mood. I figured the best time for us would be immediately after nap time. While H was sleeping I prepared my work space with scissors, a comb, water, and a towel. I had considered using the high chair, but the high back would make it difficult to access the hair on the back of his head. Lucky for us, we had a spare booster seat sitting around. The seat attaches to a regular chair, giving me easy access to all sides of his head. I put the towel underneath the booster seat to make for an easy clean up.

Before putting your toddler in the chair, I would IMG_6696
recommend taking off their socks and pants and leaving them dressed in only a onesie or a shirt. Sans clothing would be best, but sometimes it can get a bit chilly. You may also
want to remove your socks and pants, or maybe wear a pair of shorts so that you won’t have hair sticking to your clothing. First things first – set them up with a wealth of distractions. For us this meant an iPad playing Peppa Cochon and a nice big piece of apple.

To prepare for your hair-cutting adventure, you may want to watch a few youtube videos about how to cut a toddler’s hair. I had cut my husband’s hair quite a few times before, but he’s generally not as squirmy as my toddler. I had a quick look at these videos and I found them to be pretty helpful as a basic guide. This person starts from the back , but I usually start from the top when I cut my husband’s hair. I tried it from the back this time and it was ok. I think I would feel more in control of the all over length if I did start from IMG_6698the top – I may try it differently next time.

You’ll want to have a plan of attack when going in, so whether you start from the back or the top, get started with an idea of what you’re doing. Unless you have a magical breed of toddler, you will likely only get 20-30 mins tops out of your distractions, and a good pair of scissors will help you make the most out of your time. Kitchen scissors just won’t cut it (ha!). I use a pair that I picked up from London Drugs. If you consider how much you’ll save on haircuts over the lifetime of these scissors, the price is pretty good.

I wet H’s hair and and combed it as it naturally falls. I separated the hair from the crown of his head and the back, and cut off hair from the very bottom, near the nape of his neck IMG_6693(all those curls!) until I was happy with the length. I cut the rest of the hair from the back to match the very first cut that I made. From there, I moved to his bangs. I really didn’t want to repeat this hair-cutting process again in a few weeks, so I took off more than I had originally planned. Don’t fret if you cut off more than you wanted. It is, after all, only hair, and it will grow back so you can do this all over again. Just like the video recommends, I held the hair from his crown and cut it to match the length of his bangs. I gradually moved down each side of his head and matched that hair to the length of the crown. I did a few extra snips around his ears and lifted his hair between my fingers all around his head to make sure it was more or less the same length.
IMG_6697After about 30 minutes he started to get restless. My husband came home halfway through and was able to take some pictures and help with the distractions near the end. I was surprised by how well it went, but do be aware that the longer your toddler is sitting there, the more they will move their head. Despite the moving target, my cut has just a couple of small patchy spots, but no one will really notice and I don’t think he minds. I will improve with each cut, so I’m looking forward to next time.

H haircut.png







2 thoughts on “Playing With Scissors

  1. Congratulations on a successful home haircut for your son. I took on the challenge a number of years ago, because my two boys had gotten absolutely horrible haircuts at the barbershop. I was done paying for bad haircuts. I watched Youtube videos, got a child size cape and neck strips at Sally’s and asked my then boyfriend, now husband to help being he has been cutting my hair for me since shortly after we started dating. It was a little nerve wracking and eventually my boys fired me and now my husband is the family barber as well as my stylist. Great haircuts every time, and it saves me the hassle and expense of going out to get haircuts.


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