Creating and crafting since childhood, I’m now using my passion to support myself and to add to the local, sustainably made goods in Victoria, British Columbia. Using mostly inherited or pre-loved yarn, I create beautiful and practical crochet clothing and accessories for children and adults.
In keeping with the theme of sustainability, I hand make soap and individually drawn and painted greeting cards all with responsibly sourced oils and paints. I make all of my items using as much local original product a possible with the intention of supporting my community and shopping locally. Because my products are also made using repurposed raw materials and sustainably produced materials, I create as little ecological impact as possible and promote a sustainable method of production.
I am a French Immersion teacher by trade, but currently find myself lucky enough to work from home while caring for my son. I offer workshops at my home in crocheting, sock making, canning and gluten-free baking. You can also find me at the Esquimalt Farmers Market from May-September, from time to time at The Farmers’ City Market in Fan Tan Alley, and at other local markets in and around Victoria. Check out my market dates on my Etsy page to find out where I’ll be!

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